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Annual Production Of 100,000 Tons Of Molten Salt Production Line


This production line system is the first automatic production line of binary, ternary, multi-element molten salt and high-efficiency special molten salt products with completely independent intellectual property rights in the world, providing first-class new energy storage materials for global solar thermal power generation and clean energy.


Molten salt energy storage, as one of the important support points for the development of renewable energy, can be widely and intensively applied in the fields of photo-thermal power generation energy storage, waste power utilization of new energy, and peak regulation of power grid.It can also be distributed applied in the fields of smart energy, clean energy central heating, clean energy thermoelectric and cooling combined supply, etc. It is the core technology to realize the comprehensive application of "energy storage + multi-energy complementary + smart energy", and has a market prospect of trillions.


This project is a turnkey project contracted by our company. The whole system operates intelligently and is designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with the second dust explosion protection zone.The projects include: material dust-free open-bag feeding and storage system, material crushing system, metering and batching system, pneumatic conveying system, mixing system, granulating system, packaging system, automatic stacking and material transfer system, single point and centralized dust removal system.Changzhou zhenglong powder engineering co., LTD. Focuses on solid powder and particle processing engineering.Committed to the construction of intelligent, environmental protection and cleaning plant, welcome new and old customers visit visit.


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