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Pvc Stabilizer Automatic Conveying Metering And Mixing System


PVC automatic stabilizer delivery, metering and mixing system

This system is the automatic PVC stabilizer production line system contracted by our company for the national leading enterprise of PVC stabilizer industry "hebei jingxin chemical group co., LTD.".Including "36,000 tons of calcium and zinc composite stabilizer production line system"."Production line system with an annual output of 18,000 tons of composite lead salt stabilizer", "production line system with an annual output of 6,000 tons of one-step lead salt stabilizer".


After the completion of the project, it will be an automatic production line system with the largest output of PVC additives in China.The system is divided into: material dust-free open-bag feeding and storage system, metering and batching system, pneumatic conveying system, mixing system, finished product collection and packaging system, automatic stacking and material transfer system, single point and centralized dust removal system.


Dozens of production raw materials are directly transferred to the raw material storage tank in the raw material warehouse through the "dust-free defusing package feeding system conveying system".The whole production workshop has no raw materials in and out, without manual intervention.The finished products are automatically packed and transported out by a forklift after stacking by robot.


Automatic generation of production data and reports, access to enterprise ERP management system.Represents the current domestic advanced level.


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