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Industry case

Centralized Feeding And Batching System


This system is the centralized feeding and batching system of "PP modified production line", which is the first automatic integrated production line of conductive plastics production in China.


This project is a turnkey project. The whole system is operated intelligently and designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with the dust explosion protection zone.Project includes: material clean charge storage system, open the bag material drying system, metal detection and in addition to the system, measuring ingredients system, pneumatic conveying system, mixing system, fluid conveying system of measurement, weight loss according to quantitative feeding system, granulation system, finished product collection and packaging systems, automatic palletizing and material handling system, single point and centralized dedusting system.This system overcomes the difficulties of material stacking ratio (minimum material 0.018t/m ^ 3), material mixing difference (2~300kg/ batch), poor material flow and so on.Accurate and stable operation.




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