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Product details

Changzhou zhenglong automation system is mainly controlled by Siemens PLC.This control system connects the switch cabinet with the input data and controls the output controller according to the program.From raw material feeding to pneumatic conveying to main material, oil material, auxiliary material, small material and other materials on line measurement and mixing of the required amount of formula, control the production line parameters such as temperature, pressure, vacuum, flow to automatic packaging and other links.

The core of the control system is to realize automatic operation of the material delivery system by collecting all signals of production and processing.Collect data of pressure transmitter, temperature detector, material level switch and sensor.Control motor, valve and driver for output.Through testing and certification by professional institutions, ONGOAL#39;s self-developed control system can effectively ensure stable operation and accurate matching requirements.

In the practical application, honggong can set up the central control room according to customer requirements. The centralized control and field control are combined. The automatic control device of the system consists of monitoring layer, control layer and execution layer.Reserve Ethernet interface for expansion and communication with DCS.

Monitoring layer

Computers have three functions: operation, monitoring and management.Production control instructions are issued on the ipc screen;The formula is stored in the industrial control machine. During production, the operator calls out the formula and generates the production task list (ingredients, formula and batch number).Monitor the running status of the equipment on the ipc;The data of production process are made by computer and stored in the database, which can be browsed and printed at any time.All operations and alarms have historical records, which can be saved for more than 1 year, and the data can be exported.

Control layer

PLC receives control instructions from computer or touch screen, starts and stops the relevant drive circuit according to the control instructions, completes the control of the equipment, and transmits the running state of the equipment and the collected flow and other data to the touch screen in real time.Screw feeding can be manually/automatically switched, screw conveying speed and quantity can be set.The important operation has the manual confirmation device, also can set the program to automatically control the feeding, weighing and conveying process.

The equipment layer

Measurement and control devices (weighing sensor, motor and pneumatic ball valve control circuit, etc.) are placed in the field of the equipment, which are detected and controlled by the control layer.

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