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Additives Batching System
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Product Details

Product details

This system is more for the chemical industry, small batch formula specially prepared ingredients production management system, it is mainly used for semi-automatic fixed value weigh batching system fixed value ingredients and production management, system ingredients of a single material static accuracy between + / - 0.2 ~ 0.5% (single material ingredients weight less than 5 kg in the static precision of plus or minus 30 g), satisfies the requirement of the accuracy of batching system.

This system is based on industrial Ethernet technology and industrial Ethernet bus system technology of computer system. Based on industrial Ethernet, the production monitoring and data management system of semi-automatic batching (including barcode system) is established. Based on industrial Ethernet bus technology, the whole workshop production process management network is established.The system is seamlessly connected with the ERP data system of the factory to achieve comprehensive data sharing.

Ingredients of the whole system includes: the bar code management system (label printing management system), big and small bag opening feeding system, big and small ingredients weighing system, material barrel and conveying and eliminate system, information input and scan code system (ingredients) bar code management system, electric control system (including PLC control system) and database management system, etc.





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