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Cooperating With INTCO For PET Blending System

View: 28672020/03/17  

    CZL company has recently entered into a partnership with INTCO to provide INTCO Malaysian company with two sets of PET bottle flakes and chips blending systems each.

    INTCO president  and chief engineer personally came to CZL company to sign the contract.



    INTCO is the world's leading provider of EPS recycled foam solutions.Committed to EPS high quality recycled foam plastics for efficient recovery, high quality regeneration.The main features of the product is the use of renewable PS plastic, recycling, using special technology processing into a variety of exquisite metope adornment products. This process of waste, broke the traditional wooden box production, changed the priority of heavy and complicated production process, greatly increased the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, and also save a lot of forest resources, the environmental protection has played a positive role.


     Homogeneity is an important quality criterion for your products. CZL helps you to meet the highest standards. To this purpose we have developed a static homogenization system with which the products in the silo can be homogenized with a capacity of up to 1200 m3. Our cone blender are recommended by leading companies in the plastics industry.

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